Who is Tiny ?

About Tiny

How and where was Tiny born?

Tiny is the first electric car with AM licence, eco-designed, rechargeable everywhere thanks to its removable and portable batteries. It is a new solution for urban mobility, designed to facilitate and simplify your daily journeys in the city, by solving the problem of access to an electric charging station. Thanks to its removable and light batteries, Tiny drivers are freed from the constraint of recharging via an electric cable. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Light, simple and energy-efficient, Tiny is part of sustainable and responsible electric mobility.

The Tiny project was born in the Loire Valley, in France, under the impulse of a team committed to the future of urban mobility.

How to recharge Tiny?

Remove the removable batteries from the vehicle and charge them in a conventional socket at their charging station. It's easy and effortless! You don't need to find a charging station or pull a long cable. You can therefore recharge Tiny in your house, your flat, or at work without constraints, thanks to Tiny's light and portable batteries.

How long does it take to recharge Tiny's batteries?

To fully recharge Tiny's two batteries, it takes a maximum of 3 hours on a standard 220 volt outlet.

How much does it cost to recharge a Tiny battery?

Based on the current EDF prices (January 2023), a full recharge of Tiny's 2 batteries costs about 0,28€ (in France). For daily use, i.e. 15 kilometres per day, we estimate the annual cost of recharging Tiny to be around €34. On this basis, the energy saving is about 770 euros/year in fuel by switching from a diesel vehicle to an electric vehicle like Tiny. Feel free to calculate for yourself the savings you could make with the help of our calculator of energy and CO2.

What is the guarantee for my Tiny?

Tiny is guaranteed for 2 years.

Can I benefit from the ecological bonus for the purchase of Tiny?

The ecological bonus is a premium paid by the Government to support the purchase of new electric cars.

In fFrance, this bonus rewards, through financial aid for the purchase or long-term rental (2 years or more), purchasers of new cars with low CO2 emissions.



Can I benefit from the conversion bonus ?

Conditional on the scrapping of an old petrol or diesel vehicle, the 2022 conversion bonus can provides aid for the acquisition of a more environmentally friendly vehicle to promote the ecological transition. Check in your country if available. 


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Do you handle the registration of Tiny?

We take care of everything, you don't have to do anything: we provide you with the registration certificate (or grey card) of your Tiny!

Is it possible to try a Tiny electric car ?

You will be able to try Tiny very soon and for free by booking a trial on our website.

How does Tiny's gearbox work?

Tiny works, like all electric vehicles, with an automatic gearbox, easy to handle by all drivers, beginners or experienced.

Your questions about pre-orders

Can I cancel my pre-order?
The pre-order is 100% refundable at any time and free of charge. You can change your mind if you wish. Contact us by e-mail for any request.
What is the purpose of the pre-order fee?
The amount of your pre-order allows you to reserve your place in the waiting list for the acquisition of Tiny. The value of the pre-order will be deducted from the purchase price of your Tiny vehicle.
Is the payment secure?
ou can pre-order Tiny on our website in complete security. The web payment solution we use is highly secure and efficient, certified PCI level 1, the highest level of security. We do not store any banking data. You can pay the amount of the pre-order by credit card or Paypal.
How do pre-orders work?
To pre-order Tiny, all you have to do is pay a deposit of 100€ or 990€ depending on the model chosen, refundable at any time by contacting us by email. You can consult our general pre-order conditions in our legal informations.

Your questions about law and rules for quadricycle

What licence do you need to drive Tiny?

To drive a car like Tiny, you will need an AM driving licence.


In France, the AM licence is acquired after 8 hours of practical training in a driving school, accessible from the age of 14 with presentation of the ASSR1 and ASSR2: theoretical training in road safety, validated at secondary school.




Note that normally a suspended or cancelled classic driving licence does not prevent you from driving without a licence (AM licence).

What is the minimum age for driving a quadricylce ?

In France, from the age of 14, a young driver can drive a car with a AM licence.




You do not need to pass the highway code to drive a moped (scooter) or a car with a AM licence, nor do you need to pass the B licence. However, you must complete the theory with practice by taking a driving course (about 8 hours) with competent professionals (driving schools). This will enable you to obtain an AM licence.


Our Tiny city cars are therefore accessible to everyone, from the age of 14: Tiny is like driving a scooter, but in complete safety, and can be adapted to your budget with a purchase or short or long term rental! No more public transport, Tiny offers the freedom to drive, and moreover with a passenger! Ideal as a first car for example.

Can cars without a licence drive on the motorway?

No, a car with an AM licence (light quadricycle) is not allowed to drive on the motorway.


With our Tiny electric city car, limited to a maximum speed of 45 km/h, you can drive:


  • in all settlements: villages and town centres,
  • Low Emission Zones,
  • Restricted traffic zones (anti-pollution measures such as alternating traffic),
  • and national and departmental roads.


Conversely, you will not be allowed to ride on:

  • the motorway,
  • the expressways,
  • and peripherals.


Is it necessary to have the code to drive a car with an AM licence?

No, the highway code is not necessary to drive a quadricycle, nor is it necessary to have a B licence, as opposed to a conventional car. However, the AM licence is required. It consists of theoretical training and practical training of 8 hours of driving.

These are the same conditions for the use of a two-wheeler such as a scooter.


For young drivers, or new drivers, it is therefore not necessary to hold a driving licence (B licence). They can drive, rent and buy a car without a B licence.


However, they must take a few hours of driver training at driving schools in order to obtain the AM licence, for those born after 1988 (in France). This makes it possible to be aware of the risks (maximum speed, offences, alcohol levels, etc.) and to drive safely on the public highway. Be careful not to confuse this with the A licence (motorbike licence), which does not allow any driving without a licence (moped, quadricycle/mini-car/car, etc.).


Our Tiny city cars are therefore ideal even for experienced drivers: no need to take or retake the driving test, even if you have had your licence cancelled. No practical test, no need for supervised or accompanied driving.

Do we have to submit Tiny to the technical inspection?

From 1st January 2023, cars with a AM licence will be subject to roadworthiness tests, as will scooters.


In France, for a new vehicle, the inspection must be carried out before it is 4 years old. Thereafter, it will be every two years, as for a conventional car. This is a legal obligation. Driving without an up-to-date technical inspection exposes you to a fine of €135 if you fail to comply with this obligation.

Your questions about safety

Is Tiny secure?

Tiny is a fully secured and closed quadricycle with two doors. Its interior provides better protection than a two-wheeler against external aggressions: bad weather, noise, shocks, etc. It is approved for category L6e-B, which means that it has been subjected to resistance tests and meets strict safety standards. You are protected from external aggressions: bad weather, noise... Its maximum speed is 45 km/h.

Its automatic transmission and stability make it easy to handle even for young drivers.

The Tiny vehicle is also connected, which limits theft and facilitates its geolocation

Is a micro car like Tiny is more protective than a scooter?

Tiny is a closed vehicle with four stable wheels, unlike a scooter that is open to the outside and sometimes difficult to handle. The roof and bodywork of the vehicle provide much greater protection and strength than a two-wheeler, while being protected from the cold and rain. The compulsory seat belts will also help to keep you safe in the event of an impact.

The quadricycles offer additional comfort: you can carry your belongings: shopping bag, sports equipment, suitcase, etc. as well as a passenger. Finally, you don't need safety equipment such as a helmet or gloves.